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    Candace Teague

    on Nov 14

    Two photos of baby in the bathtub, in the buggy, and standing up in a blue dress submitted by : Candace Teague 11/14/2015

  • Cassandra Barlow

    on Nov 10

    The photo of the daddy holding up, in the air, the smiling little boy. Submitted by Casey Barlow 11/10/15

  • AndyWendy Hudson

    on Oct 22

    Photo of boy and girl, black and white, on bridge, submitted by: Wendy Hudson . 10/22/2015

  • AndyWendy Hudson

    on Oct 22

    I submitted the pictures of the little girl with teal skirt and feather band on her head. Also pics with pearls on her head. Submitted 10/22/2015. Photos by: Wendy Hudson

  • Angel Carson Wilson

    on Jul 27

    Submitted by NE NE Angela Wilson in honor of A'na's 1st birthday